Building Environments to Inspire a Culture of Innovation 

The time is ripe for reinvention, and doing so means positioning higher education to look to the future, instead of building off the past. Drawing upon four years of innovative discourse around the future of learning, Next Generation Learning Spaces will bring together institutions of all sizes, roping together discussions around Faculty Engagement and Instructional Innovation for student success. 

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Visionary Keynotes

Michael Mathews
Chief Information Officer
Oral Roberts University
Phil Long
Chief Innovation Officer
University of Texas at Austin

2018 Speakers

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Why Now?


opportunities to find your flock, through birds-of-a-feather track sessions around Campus Size Instructional Innovation, and Faculty Engagement


what's next in university learning spaces from higher ed's movers and shakers


your learning environments with interactive tours hosted by the University of Southern California [SOLD OUT!] and Pepperdine University


your learning spaces transformation through stories on Immersive Technologies


your future campus through environments that inspire a culture of innovation 

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