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Globalization, Innovation and Whole Person Education: Inside OneCampus ORU

Globalization, Innovation and Whole Person Education: Inside OneCampus ORU

Meet our 2018 Keynote Speaker Michael Mathews AVP and Chief Information Officer Oral Roberts University and learn more about ORU's cutting-edge Global Learning Center

The winner of numerous awards, ORU's GLC boasts: 

  • Global Learning and Teleportation Classroom – Access in and out of the GLC to/ from any and all continents in the world. Quality of video conference will move people around the world at the speed of light (teleportation).
  • Studio Classroom - Studio for recording any style of distance education, instruction, or classroom media.
  • Virtual Reality Classroom – Full immersive virtual reality (VR) learning room (I.e. Flight simulation, marine biology, engineering, etc.).
  • High Performance Computing Research Classroom - Global access for research that requires supercomputer and high performance access.
  • Global innovation Collaboration Classroom – The think tank for furthering the advancement of instruction.
  • Distance Education Lab classroom – Dedicated for classes online that require a lab or experiential aspect
  • Instructional class for disabilities – A class with portal  augmented reality equipment that can be configured to help people with certain learning challenges.
  • Faculty Excellence and Learning Classroom – Room capable to teach all online faculty and traditional faculty on new technologies and new delivery methods.

Goals of Classrooms

  • World class design and functionality
  • Be interchangeable for flexibility
  • Be multi-purpose and multi-function
  • Be viewed as ‘OneCampus’ ORU

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