February 27 - March 01, 2017
Sheraton San Diego Hotel and Marina , San Diego, CA

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It takes a village to raise a child and no where is this axiom more prevalent than in today’s higher education landscape, where collaboration informs every step of this rapidly-evolving establishment. 

In its 3rd iteration, join us at Next Generation Learning Spaces February 27 - March 01, 2017 at the Sheraton San Diego Hotel and Marina to:

- BRIDGE strategic discussions on Faculty Development and Instructional Innovation
BENCHMARK your learning environments with a guided tour at San Diego State University
FUTURE PROOF your learning spaces through stories and panels on Virtual and Augmented Reality

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Past Attendee Snapshot

Detailed are the Deans, Directors, Vice Presidents and Provosts who joined us in the past iteration of the Next Generation Learning Spaces event. Will you be there to meet and network with similar experts?

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2017 Next Generation Learning Spaces "Convince Your Boss" Letter

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2016 Past Presentation
Tomalee Dean, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, Purdue University

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2016 Past Presentation
Quaint Gregory, Director, University of Maryland College Park

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2016 Past Presentation
Lisa Stephens, Sr Strategist, SUNY Academic Innovation, University of Buffalo

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2016 Past Presentation
David Langley, Director for Teaching and Learning, University of Minnesota

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Exclusive Content

Matching Instructors and Spaces of Learning: The impact of space on behavioral, affective and cognitive learning

This study conducted by past speaker John McArthur, Director of Online Faculty Services and Associate Professor of Communication at Queens University of Charlotte, examines the extent to which instructional proxemics -– the physical space of the learning environment -- impacts student behavioral, affective, and cognitive learning.

Conditions for effective smart learning environments

This study conducted by Rob Koper, University Chair at Institute Board, Open University of the Netherlands, examines the idea of Human Learning Interfaces - the set of learning related interaction mechanisms that humans expose to the outside world that can be used to control, stimulate and facilitate their learning processes - to identify the conditions for the development of effective smart learning environments.

How 4 Universities are taking Blended Learning to the Next Level

In this exclusive eBook, specialists from four universities share exclusive insight into how they’re personalizing the student experience through learning design, technology, creative spaces and collaboration. You can read more about:

• Monash University’s
Better Teaching, Better Learning Agenda: focusing on the pedagogy behind the desired change and how technology can enable it

• UTS’s
course curation and learning design: embracing technology to move forward strategically and considering the longer term picture

• Learning analytics at the University of Sydney: designing and adopting pedagogical strategies that increase student achievement

• UNSW’s
flipped learning space ‘The Place’: transforming the traditional model of teaching to provide an interactive learning space

    If You Build It; They Will Come

    This booklet contains examples of some of the top cutting edge facilities featured in LearningByDesign.biz, a publication highlighting the top learning spaces in new construction and retrofit. Optimizing earning environments for a student body that expects both the latest in technology as well as close, collaborative contact with their peers is important. The challenges are huge, but progress is happening every day as innovators are finding new, exciting ways to deliver undergraduate and graduate students to the future of learning.

    Future Trends in Technology and Education - Oct 2016 Monthly Issue

    Compiled By Bryan Alexander
    Future Trends in Technology and Education (FTTE) is a monthly report. Every month FTTE aggregates recent developments, checking them against previously-identified trendlines.  As certain trends build in support and significance, the report recommends watching them for future impact.  FTTE also notes trends which appear to be declining in significance.

    Take a look at October's issue, where Bryan discusses includes:
    - Trending technologies including 3D printing
    - Social media in education
    - Cloud computing in education
    - Gaming in education
    - Flipped classroom/blended learning
    - Automation in education.

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    Future Trends in Technology and Education - November 2016 Monthly Issue

    Compiled By Bryan Alexander Future Trends in Technology and Education (FTTE) is a monthly report. Every month FTTE aggregates recent developments, checking them against previously-identified trendlines. As certain trends build in support and significance, the report recommends watching them for future impact. FTTE also notes trends which appear to be declining in significance. Take a look at October's issue, where Bryan discusses includes: - LMS Trends - Mobile Technology in Higher Education - Trends within the Higher Education Bubble

    Speaker Feature: Frank Dooley

    Next Generation Learning Spaces presents this speaker feature from Frank Dooley Vice Provost for Teaching and Learning at Purdue University where he discusses his background and portfolio, his priorities for 2017, and some of his favorite program highlights.

    Technology- Empowered Learning: Six Spatial Insights

    Brought to you by Steelcase Steelcase

    Education is focused on helping schools, colleges and universities create the most effective, rewarding and inspiring active learning environments to meet the evolving needs of students and educators. Ahead of Next Generation Learning Spaces, take a look at this whitepaper that follows 16 schools and universities to better understand the dynamics and spatial implications of technology empowered learning.

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    Next Generation Learning Spaces Current Attendee Snapshot

    Updated 1.17.2017

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    Next Generation Learning Spaces Market Snapshot

    Just for Next Generation Learning Spaces, recently surveyed by CLN, take a look at this Market Snapshot that will help connect and hear from our education leaders who also face the same challenges in their own institutions & organizations.


    5 Tips to Building a Better Blended Learning Experience

    The simple truth is students have changed and expectations have altered – this has opened up some huge opportunities for educational institutions to do what they do best, give students the tools they need for the future. In this article, we've put together 5 tips to explore how universities can enhance the learning experience; from creating the right culture to integrating mobile learning and analytics.

    An Inside Look: Spaces for Learning

    Learning spaces are being completely re-designed to support and facilitate a new wave of teaching. As a result, architects have been creating spaces that breathe a new lease of life into our classrooms. This insightful article from world-architects e-zine explores some of the worlds most innovative buildings, studios and lecture halls.

    How Do You Measure the Success of Blended Learning Transformation?

    Gone are the days of purely talk and chalk - integrated learning is the future. Take a look at this article featuring insights from the University of Auckland, Swinburne and Monash on how they track and apply pilots, projects and innovations to future learning.

    New Learning Spaces are Modernizing the Traditional Campus Worldwide

    With increasing competition to attract students both locally and internationally, education providers are investing in developing the best facilities. We recently spoke to Hon Steve Maharey, Vice-Chancellor, Massey University and Barbara White, Senior Lecturer in Information Technology, Charles Darwin University about how they’ve been creating new learning spaces that will transform the education experience.

    Next Generation Learning Spaces: The Essentials

    Tables, chairs and whiteboards just don’t cut in in the classroom anymore. Learning spaces are being transformed to meet the innovative ways we both teach and learn but it can be difficult to know what’s right for the space you have. We've uncovered the key principles to having a classroom that will support learning now and into the future.

    Instructional Design: Technology as Helper, Not Hinderance

    Technology can be a critical element in helping all students learn, regardless of learning style. However, a recent TEDx discussion with Richard Culatta, acting Director of the Office of Educational Technology at the U.S. Department of Education, points out how technology is being misused in the learning environment.


    Educational Specialist David Langley on Educational Innovation

    An interview with David Langley, Educational Specialist at the Center for Educational Innovation, University of Minnesota that uncovers the enormous impact our learning spaces have not only on the students, but the teachers. Get an Educational Specialist's perspective on challenges in educational innovation, and whats affecting the successful use of active learning classrooms. Where next generation learning spaces are headed in the future, the range of teaching and student experiences that occur in ALCs, and more.

    Is Your Culture Right for Blended Learning?

    There's one huge barrier to making the most of blended learning, and that's culture. Not having the right culture can seriously impact progress within financial institutions, both for students and teachers. Take a look at this exclusive interview with Professor Mark Brown, Director of the National Centre for Teaching and Learning at Massey University. He shares the three fundamental attributes of creating a positive culture and key measurements of success.

    Maximising Blended Learning Opportunities

    Hear from Margaret Mazzolini, Pro Vice-Chancellor, Learning and Teaching, Victoria University and gain an insight into the driving forces behind blended learning. Professor Mark Brown, Director, National Centre for Teaching and Learning, shares his experiences at Massey University and the importance of balancing the quality of learning with the student experience.

    Inside Google's Learning Solutions and Instructional Design

    For over 15 years, Google’s Marc Ramos has been at the forefront of learning solutions and instructional design. Corporate Learning Network was lucky enough to chat with him before our upcoming Next Generation Learning Spaces conference.

    Exclusive Content

    2017 Next Generation Learning Spaces Sponsorship Prospectus

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